Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Current Project

Back in June 2010, my good buddy BootsSD Jeff organized some of the men on Recon by creating a one-time "Leather Night" at the Eagle in San Diego.  It was a wonderful success:
Jeff gave me permission to keep the ball rolling, so I gathered the men's emails and created a new group called FetishMenSanDiego. As of today, Saturday, January 29, 2011, there are 692 followers via our various social networks and huge email list. We've hosted dozens of events, and have always kept our word.
The best kind of solid, dependable, big-hearted men have gathered at the heart of the club to help run events, and make future plans. New leaders are rising among us, nurtured by a climate of acceptance and brotherhood.
Our events are getting larger and larger, and word is getting around, all over the world.
We're a new-style thing - a "Smart Mob", rather than a traditional-style affinity-group.  This means that we stay flexible, have zero overhead, and focus exclusively on building a better Tribe.
We don't use any paperwork at all, ever - We add members using a smartphone-friendly web-page that allows anyone inside or outside the group to add new members instantly and easily, anywhere.
I'll be explaining a lot more about all of this as time goes by, but I write best when I'm responding to feedback and questions. That's what gets me going!

What's My Angle?

So, what qualifies me to talk about building community?  Well, I've had some success at it over the last few decades. I've always been a "Nuclear Powered Julie the Cruise Director" personality type - Technically speaking, I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs test. In fact, I peg the needle on all parts of being an ENFP, which means that organizing events, building teams, spotting rising talent among us, and creating new breakthroughs is as easy for me as breathing.
It ain't bragging if it's true.
As it says in my bio, I have hosted hundreds and hundreds of events, and always for the sheer joy of seeing large crowds of happy and satisfied people. I get my payback when I see everybody on the same happy vibe - I get high on the endorphins of communal joy.
I also have the nature of a non-religious preacher - when I write, I'm building a message that many people can internalize and use as a way for everyone to attain goals together.
I'm really good at creating memes - Otherwise known as "idea viruses".  For example - The concept of "Leather Pride" celebrations originated in San Diego when I created the very first one. Now, we have annual Leather Pride celebrations worldwide.
There's a lot more, but I'm sure that it will all become apparent as time goes by and I dig deeper and explain the context behind some of my ideas.

Older Men in the Community

I'm so excited to find you guys. I'm from Chicago. Lots of pervs there. Not so many here. Is there a good population of dudes closer to my age? I find a lot of older guys in San Diego. No offense to older guys, it'd just be nice to find somebody closer to my age…

My current operating theories as to why so many older guys are so visible are:

- 1. because we're more accustomed to meeting in large groups socially. We remember it from the old days when the bars and traditional leathermen's organizations were the ONLY ways to meet other kinky men.

- 2. The vast majority of twisted men only take ownership of their desires when they hit Mid-Life Crisis, right around age 39-44. Until then, they keep trying to "fit in" with the rest of the men around them. Very few men are able to get in touch with their Inner Pervert before the. I was one, and so are you - You're "precocious"!

We have plenty of men of all age-groups from 18-87. More are joining constantly. Come on out and develop some friendships, and they'll get you connected with your heart's desires.

Getting the Ball Rolling

I've decided to start sharing my thoughts about building community among gay fetishmen. I've been writing for many years on a personal, one-to-one level, but lately, there have been a lot of requests for a more permanent archive of my ideas.
I have decided to turn this into an ongoing discussion for all caring people to share their viewpoints. My first few posts are just my way of getting the conversation started by introducing myself.
I have no degrees, I have no real authority compared to many others.  I'm opinionated and a a little of me goes a long way. However, I have ideas that seem to be working well, and I have a natural ability to "step way back" and view the bigger picture, and then explain what I've observed in a way that seems to resonate with many people.
At some point, I plan to structure my writings, but that day may never come. For now, I plan to just write, and let the ideas issue forth as they show up. I respond well to questions and feedback, so please feel free to contact me, either here in the comments, or via email at FETISHMENSANDIEGO AT GMAIL DOT COM.