Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling

I've decided to start sharing my thoughts about building community among gay fetishmen. I've been writing for many years on a personal, one-to-one level, but lately, there have been a lot of requests for a more permanent archive of my ideas.
I have decided to turn this into an ongoing discussion for all caring people to share their viewpoints. My first few posts are just my way of getting the conversation started by introducing myself.
I have no degrees, I have no real authority compared to many others.  I'm opinionated and a a little of me goes a long way. However, I have ideas that seem to be working well, and I have a natural ability to "step way back" and view the bigger picture, and then explain what I've observed in a way that seems to resonate with many people.
At some point, I plan to structure my writings, but that day may never come. For now, I plan to just write, and let the ideas issue forth as they show up. I respond well to questions and feedback, so please feel free to contact me, either here in the comments, or via email at FETISHMENSANDIEGO AT GMAIL DOT COM.

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