Saturday, January 29, 2011

Older Men in the Community

I'm so excited to find you guys. I'm from Chicago. Lots of pervs there. Not so many here. Is there a good population of dudes closer to my age? I find a lot of older guys in San Diego. No offense to older guys, it'd just be nice to find somebody closer to my age…

My current operating theories as to why so many older guys are so visible are:

- 1. because we're more accustomed to meeting in large groups socially. We remember it from the old days when the bars and traditional leathermen's organizations were the ONLY ways to meet other kinky men.

- 2. The vast majority of twisted men only take ownership of their desires when they hit Mid-Life Crisis, right around age 39-44. Until then, they keep trying to "fit in" with the rest of the men around them. Very few men are able to get in touch with their Inner Pervert before the. I was one, and so are you - You're "precocious"!

We have plenty of men of all age-groups from 18-87. More are joining constantly. Come on out and develop some friendships, and they'll get you connected with your heart's desires.